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QL Edison. pers


PART I (1879-1886)

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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies

available. Every technical

effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.


Reel duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. in feu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected items contained on these reels may be made in order to facilitate research.





D-83-043 through D-83-056 ("Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Engineering" through "Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations ~ Ohio - Tiffin")

1883, Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Engineering (D-83-043)

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the construction and installation of central stations. Most of the documents deal with technical problems, for which the engineering department had responsiblity. There is also some material concerning the ordering of supplies. Documents pertaining to the engineering problems of one specific station can be found in the folder for that station. Many of the documents in this folder are by William S. Andrews, chief electrical engineer; Frank J. Sprague, electrical consultant; W. D. Rich, superintendent of construction; and Thomas P. Conant, wireman and technician. Many of the letters by Andrews are Partially illegible due to water damage. Some of Rich's correspondence is also faint and may be difficult to read. Among the undated items at the end of the folder are a series of questions and answers pertaining to steam boilers, engines, and meters, which were designed to be given to prospective employees. A related set of questions and answers can be found in the Company Records Series.

Approximately 80 percent of the documents have been filmed. The folowing categories of documents have not been filmed: routine correspondence regarding orders and employee expenses; duplicate copies of selected documents.


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THOMAS A. EDISON, LY Central Station, Construction De

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JE & B- OF-CS vorm uy, THOMAS A. EDISON,

Contral Station, Construction Dop't., No, 65 FIFTH AVENUE,

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‘oO Pi sy THOMAS A. EDISON, g Contral Station, Construction Dop’t., ‘e Central Station, Construction Dep't., - No, 65 FIFTH AVENUE, ! No. 65 FIFTH AVENUE, i NOW YORK Goin iccscsnneusseinsseinenen 188

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Form No. 1.


“Thin Company TRANSMITS and DELIVERS messages only on conditions limiting its liabllity, which have been assented to by the sender of ihe following mesrage. BS i iBrrors can be cuariled against only b: repeating a message back fou esending station for comparison. eolalrn'is noe re ecred Te eee able for errors or delays In fransnitaaion i ente Pamsty he von amount ol is Jereon, rt B) case ere theo! rei jaye a iP 80] le re Thisean UNAREPEA DED Ml EGAN and is delivered Gr renderer the renae?, under the conditions named above, 7 " pre Wie manssage,

THOS, T. ECKERT, Generali Manager.

NORVIN GREEN, President. -_



* This telogram has just been"received at the office in 791}BROADWAY,, near Tenth Street, where any roply should be sent. : : . ae DIRECT. WIRES. . ' : es


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er of the following messege. - Mable for errors or delays within alxty daya

ORVIN GREEN, President. :

-""Rhecolved at 8 West 23rd Street. : : 7

CABLE OFFICE. sod ‘3: West 25rd Street. : ; ‘ALWAYS OPEN. an . B . a / P83 ~07-30 TEES WESTERN UNION. TELEGRAPH COMPrany.,. ropany Tit RL ANSMERS and DELIVERS Messages only 9m gonditions Uniting 4 dts Uability, which have boen assented to by the sendor of the following m: in guano 1 aire af Uno neato abeaets, bona Teoma buck Rane CF Lats eld thereat I acy cause Wisese the wala ts Kot Ba seed a eit we sit en Hed ne aC NRELEATED MESSAGE, and ts delivered by request of the sonder, under the conditions named above, THOS. T. ECKERT, General Managor, NORVIN GREEN, Prosident.

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a ae tar-THIs TELEGRAM HAB J SUST ‘BEEN “RECEIVED / AT TE OFFICE IN : : one OFFICE. ho ; 3 West 23rd Sireet. ALWAYS OPEN. -


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883 - eqe Bhan = . THOMAS A. EDISON, W. D. RICH,

Central Station, Construction Dep't, SUP"I OF CONSTRUCTION. , No. 65 FIFTH AVENUE, . Sw. NEW YORK. Mee Sten aN 188"

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THOMAS A. EDISON, Contral Station, Construction Dep't, No. 65 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK.

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THOMAS A.:- EDISON, Central Station, Construction Dep’t, No, 65 FIFTH AVENUE,

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THOMAS A, EDISON, Contral Station, Construction Dep't, No. 65 FIFTH AVENUE,

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